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Issue Highlights:
  • The Prodigal Nation, by Frank Bryan
  • A Voice for Independence, by Ian Baldwin
  • Wal-Mart: What’s a Bargain Worth? by Bill McKibben
  • George F. Kennan (1904–2005), by Thomas Naylor
  • Collapse of the American Empire, by Kirkpatrick Sale
  • Letters, News, and Upcoming Events
  • Books: Rob Williams on John Perkins’s Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
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Issue Highlights:
  • A Brief Welcome to the Long Emergency, by James Howard Kunstler
  • The Proud American Tradition of Secession, by Rob Williams
  • Letters
  • Nonviolent Vermont Independence, by Thomas Naylor
  • How Did Vermont Get To Be? by Daniel Gade
  • News and Upcoming Events
  • The Middlebury Declaration, by Kirkpatrick Sale
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Issue Highlights:
  • Word and Flesh, by Wendell Berry
  • The Cultivation of Our Own Tradition, by Rowan Jacobsen
  • Letters, News, and Upcoming Events
  • Crafting Nativeness, by Jeff Bickart
  • Subverting Power with Complementary Currency, by James Hogue
  • A Constitutional History of Secession, by John Remington Graham
  • Books: Rob Williams on Thomas DiLorenzo’s The Real Lincoln
  • Small is Powerful, by Kirkpatrick Sale
  • Riding the Parti Québécois Roller Coaster, by Thomas Naylor and James Hogue
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Issue Highlights:
  • Vermont 2020, by Rick Foley
  • Looking Back, Looking Forward, by Ian Baldwin
  • Letters
  • Diseconomies of Scale: Dismembering Leviathan, by Donald W. Livingston
  • Tax Resistance: An American Tradition, by Robert Riversong
  • Books: Rob Williams on Freedom and Unity: A History of Vermont
  • Breakdown of Nations, by Kirkpatrick Sale
  • Independence Day Collage, by Peter Holm
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Issue Highlights:
  • Questioning the 9/11 Commission: Interview with David Ray Griffin, by James Hogue
  • Where Do We Go from There? A Meditation on 9/11, by Ian Baldwin
  • News
  • Conspiracies: How Do You Think We Got Here?, by Rick Foley
  • Beam It In, by Jacqueline Brook
  • Betrayed Once, Shame on Them; Betrayed Twice, Shame on Us, by Rick Foley
  • The Lessons of 9/11, by Kirkpatrick Sale
  • Crossing the Rubicon: Interview with Michael Ruppert, by Rob Williams
  • Five Painful Questions about 9/11, by Eric Hufschmid
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Issue Highlights:
  • Can Vermont Feed Itself ? by Bill McKibben
  • Why Homestead Security? by Rob Williams
  • Freedom, Self-Reliance, and Dependence on Our Neighbors, by Erik Wilkins-McKee
  • Community Supported Agriculture, by Elizabeth Wood
  • Fresh Voices from the Vermont Fresh Network, by Lee Ann Cox and Kevin Foley
  • Eating in Place, by Kate Williams
  • Eating Locally Year-Round, by Pete Johnson
  • Good Food Starts Here, by Craig Chevrier
  • Homestead Security Equals Free-Range Chickens, a Good Dog, and Jerusalem Artichokes, by Jim Hogue
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Issue Highlights:
  • What Is Secession?, by Donald W. Livingston
  • What’s Changed, What’s the Same?, by Ian Baldwin
  • Letters
  • Reflecting on Vermont’s 2005 Legislative Session, by Rick Foley and Ellen Hayes
  • July 11 Statement
  • Democracy School and the New Revolution of the American Spirit, by Adam D. Sacks
  • What To Do In Our Crazy Life? Attend Democracy School, by Dave Ratcliffe
  • War, Katrina, and the Second Vermont Republic, by Ben Scotch
  • The Scourge of Bigness: A Secessionist Primer, by Thomas Naylor
  • What’s Going On Out There?, by Kirkpatrick Sale
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Issue Highlights:
  • Tools with a Life of Their Own?, by Richard Heinberg
  • Fantasy, Choices, and Action, by Rick Foley
  • A Perspective on Wind Power, by J. Arthur Loose
  • Vermont Yankee and Vermont Soveriegnty, by Gary Flomenhof
  • Burlington’s Clean Power Mix, Editor’s Interview with BED’s Patty Richards
  • Vermont transportation, Energy, and Soveriegnty, by Rick Foley and Gary Flomenhof
  • Off-Grid Living, by Anita Kelman
  • First Vermont Independence Convention a Huge Success, by Jane Dwinell
  • At What Size Seccession?, by Kirkpatrick Sale
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Issue Highlights:
  • Vermont: The Once and Future Republic, by James Hogue and Frank Bryan
  • Re-Inventing Vermont: A New Year, an Open Invitation, by Rob Williams
  • Representing Empire: The Politics of the Living Dead, by Thomas Naylor
  • Our Land, Our Destiny: Vermont Independence Convention Keynote Address, by James Howard Kunstler
  • A Not So Different Drummer, by Garret Keizer
  • Independent Vermont/Independent Wôbanakik, by Frederick M. Wiseman
  • Independent Media (Un)Covers The Empire: Project Censored 2006, Book Review by Rob Williams
  • What Is “Independence”?, by Bill Brueckner
  • The Middlebury Institute: The Logic of American Secession, by Kirkpatrick Sale
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Issue Highlights:
  • Local Living Economies: The New Movement for Responsible Business, by Judy Wicks
  • The Politics of Money, by Hazel Henderson
  • Building Sustainable Economies, by Susan Witt
  • From Common Wealth to Common Property, by Peter Barnes
  • A Direct Stake In Economic Life: Worker-Owned Firms, by Gar Alperovitz
  • The Real Economy, by Dr. Robert Costanza
  • News of a Second Vermont Republic, by Jane Dwinell
  • The CLT Model: A Tool for Permanently Affordable Housing and Wealth Generation, by Gus Newport
  • Economics of Scale vs. the Scale of Economics: Towards Basic Principles of a Bioregional Economy, by Kirkpatrick Sale
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Issue Highlights:
  • The True Congress, by Frank Bryan
  • Independence Begins at Home, by Peter Clavelle
  • The Center Cannot Hold, Vermont Commons editorial
  • First, A Statement of Grievances, letter to the editor on secession
  • Reviving Town Meeting, interview with Susan Clark
  • Memoirs of a Moderator, by John McClaughry
  • Republicanism and Size, by Donald W. Livingston
  • Take It Easy, poem by Peter Buknatski
  • Re-Inventing Vermont: Towards 21st Century Blueprints (reprinted from
  • The Vermont Papers), by Frank Bryan and John McClaughry
  • Looking for Real Democracy? Look Around, by Kirkpatrick Sale
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Issue Highlights:
  • Toward Food Sovereignty in Vermont, by Brian Tokar
  • Vermont Commons: Celebrating Our First Year, Editorial
  • Challenging the National Animal ID Program, an open letter to the U.S.D.A.
  • A Bright Future for Vermont Farming, by Vern Grubinger
  • Republicanism and Size, by Donald W. Livingston
  • V is for Vermont Victory Gardens, by Anita Kelman
  • Mixed Message on Local Food in Vermont, by David Timmons
  • Liberals and Conservatives: Relics of the Past, by Thomas Naylor
  • Agriculture: Civilization’s ‘Great Mistake,’ by Kirkpatrick Sale
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Issue Highlights:
  • Best Buy the Dams Now, by Dave Dunn, Hervey Scudder, and Rick Foley
  • Hostage to a Nuclear Plant by Ray Shadis
  • Independence Means Energy Independence, Editorial
  • An Apology, Sort of, by Jeff Danziger
  • Biofuels: Local Energy Solutions, by Netaka White
  • Solution to Home Heating in Our Back Yard? by Anita Kelman
  • Drill and Kill, by Gary Flomenhoft
  • Surging Gold Prices and the American End Game, by Thomas Naylor
  • In Energy Policy, Too, Size Matters, by Kirkpatrick Sale
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Issue Highlights:
  • Wake Up, America! by Steven Bhaerman
  • Writes, Rights, Rites of Passage, Editorial
  • Know Your Weeds: The Value of “Valueless” Plants, Letter to the Editor
  • How to Survive the Crash and Save the Earth, by Ran Prieur
  • True-To-Life, by Amy L. Seidl
  • Living Simply and Strengthening Community, by Richard Czaplinski
  • 'Relocalization’ In the Post-Carbon Era, by Barry Simpson
  • Spiritual Sustainability, by Jeffrey Triplat
  • Government Without Representation: A Call to Action, by Charles Sullivan
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Issue Highlights:
  • The Tapeworm’s Triumph? The Parasitic Corporate Underpinnings of U.S. Empire, by Catherine Austin Fitts
  • Beyond Organic: Investing In Vermont’s Local Food Economies, by George Schenk
  • Free Vermont: Going Back To The Future, Editorial
  • People Power And The Case For Presidential Impeachment, by Dan Dewalt
  • 200 Years Is Long Enough! An interview with Vermont musician Pete Sutherland
  • Republicanism and Size, Part 3 of an article by Donald W. Livingston
  • Start with the Land, by Peter Forbes
  • A New Food Paradigm: Vermonters Plant Localvore Chapters, by Robin McDermott
  • Living Post-Carbon: Vermonters Begin Grappling With Global Peak Oil, by Dennis Derryberry
  • Financial Independence For Us Common Folk, by Jane Dwinell
  • 37,000 Vermonters Favor Secession! Vermont Independence Movement Leads The Nation, by Thomas Naylor
  • Seeing Red—and Seeing Blue, by Kirkpatrick Sale
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Issue Highlights:
  • Vermont Farm Family Challenges National Animal ID, by Linda Faillace
  • Peak Oil “Powerdown”, interview with Richard Heinberg
  • Empire’s Fall: Walking Toward A New Vermont, Editorial
  • Electoral Fraud: ‘Critical Condition’ for U.S. Democracy, by Joel Bleifuss and Steven F. Freeman
  • Walking the WALC: Street Heat for a Clean Energy Future, by Bill McKibben
  • Secede To Succeed; Address from 2005 Vermont Statewide Secession Convention, by Jane Dwinell
  • Most Likely To Secede? Debating Independence in Vermont Classrooms, by Sydney Copp
  • Five Years Later: A 9/11 Review, by Jim Hogue
  • Money and Liberty, by Adrian Kuzminski
  • Local Currency: A Revolution That Sounds Like a Whisper, by Amy M. Kirschner
  • My I.R.S. Story, by Jacqueline Brook
  • Republicanism and Size, by Donald W. Livingston
  • Secession Fever, by Thomas Naylor
  • The First North American Secessionist Convention, by Kirkpatrick Sale
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Issue Highlights:
  • Grass Fed is Best: Growing Vermont’s Farm Future, by Bruce Hennessey
  • Secession and Vermont: Where I Stand, by Frank Bryan
  • Electing Independence, Editorial
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Divided We Stand: The First North American Secession Convention, by Kirkpatrick Sale
  • Vermont Vox Populi: A Conversation With ‘Farmers Diner’ Owner, interview with Tod Murphy
  • News of A Second Vermont Republic
  • Free Vermont Media, by Rob Williams
  • Vrest Orton and Green Mountain Independence, Circa 1929, by Nicholas Clifford
  • Monetary Secession Now, by Franklin Sanders
  • The 2006 Elections: Much Ado About Nothing, by Thomas Naylor
  • From the Middlebury Institute, by Kirkpatrick Sale
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Issue Highlights:
  • The Great Hydropower Heist, by Richard Foley
  • A Word to our Readers, by Ian Baldwin
  • Reclaiming Our Commons, Editorial
  • Letters to the Editor
  • ‘Going Slow’: Rethinking Education in the Green Mountains, by Susan Ohanian
  • Educational Agriculture, by Eliot Coleman
  • Vermont Vox Populi: A Conversation With ‘No-Grain’ Farmer Abe Collins
  • Beyond the Bottom Line; Vermont Businesses and Social Responsibility, by Don Mayer
  • Free Vermont Media, by Tim Matson
  • Notes from the Middlebury Institute, by Kirkpatrick Sale
  • Bush’s Reign of Terror, by Thomas Naylor
  • The Decentralist Movement: A Third Way, by Kirkpatrick Sale
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Issue Highlights:
  • The New England Secession Tradition, by Donald Livingston
  • Our Hope Is Disunion: Cutting to the Root of the Matter, Editorial
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Vermont Vox Populi: An Interview with Marion Leonard
  • America’s Descent into Fascism, by Glenn M. Cahilly
  • A Declaration of Cultural Independence, by Craig Byrne
  • ‘Of A Quiet and Peaceable Behavior’: The Freeman’s Oath and the Nonviolent Defense of an Independent Vermont Republic, by Carl  Watner
  • ‘From Little Acorns’; Notes from the Middlebury Institute, by Kirkpatrick Sale
  • Meet the Greenneck
  • Vermont Freedom Currency, by Steve Moyer
  • Vermonters’ Support for Secession Increases Dramatically, by Thomas Naylor
  • Separatism: It’s Happening All Over the World, by Kirkpatrick Sale
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Issue Highlights:
  • Growing A Statewide Localvore Movement, by Robin McDermott
  • The New England Secession Tradition, Part III, by Donald Livingston
  • Long Live The ‘Untied States,’ Editorial
  • Letter to the Editor
  • The Great Hydropower Heist; How Corporations Colonized our Watershed Commons, Part II, by Richard Foley
  • Vermont Vox Populi: An Interview with Filmmakers Deb Ellis and Denis Mueller
  • Secession’s Arrival in the Blogosphere; Notes from the Middlebury Institute, by Kirkpatrick Sale
  • The Food Less Traveled, by Enid Wonnacott
  • Leaving an Imprint, The Greenneck
  • The Virtues of Local Bookstores and Businesses, by Christopher Morrow
  • Endgame Trilogy: Peak Oil, Global Warming, and Terrorism, by Thomas Naylor
  • BREAKING NEWS! U.S. Not the Greatest, by Kirkpatrick Sale
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Issue Highlights:
  • Town Meeting: A Space for Communal Liberty, by Frank Bryan
  • Vermont’s Energy Future: 10 Reasons for Hope, by Greg Strong
  • Vermont Commons: Our “Journal of Ideas” Goes Statewide, Editorial
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Notes from the Middlebury Institute: “Why The Move to Sustainability,” by Thomas Moore
  • Vermont Vox Populi: An Interview with Lisa McCrory and Carl Russell of Earthwise Farm & Forest, by Carolyn Baker
  • Free Vermont Media: Meet the Vermont Commons Blogging Team
  • Localvore Living: “In Winter, The Key is Preparation,” by Robin McDermott
  • The Greenneck: “Reflections on Vermont While on a Florida Bicycle Ride”
  • Vermont Libre: “The Genteel Revolution,” by Thomas Naylor
  • Dispersions: “Dispatches From the Front,” by Kirkpatrick Sale
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Issue Highlights:
  • Embracing Peak Oil: Powering Vermont’s Future Carl Etnier and Annie Dunn Watson
  • Reclaiming Vermont’s Commons: Senate Could Create “Common Assets Trust” Peter Barnes and Gary Flomenhoft
  • Editorial: “Our Mission: Imagining an Independent Vermont” Rob Williams
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Who Owns Vermont’s Water? Exploring A Vital Part of Vermont’s Commons Johanna Miller
  • A Health Care System for the New Vermont Jane Dwinell
  • Localvore Living: “Keep It In Vermont” Campaign Robin McDermott
  • Vermont Vox Populi: “Why We Fight” – Interview with Filmmaker Eugene Jarecki Rob Williams
  • Notes from the Middlebury Institute: “Secession and Sanity” – Interview with Kirkpatrick Sale Bruce E. Levine
  • Free Vermont Media: “Free Vermont, Free Your Mind” Carolyn Baker
  • The Greenneck: “Stop Buying Crap (Musings on the ‘Green Awakening’)”
  • Dispersions: “You Know Your Empire is Collapsing When…” Kirkpatrick Sale
View Issue Articles Online: Issue 22 - Mud Season 2008, Archives
Issue Highlights:
  • Keep It In Vermont: How A $150-Million Windfall Might Stimulate the Vermont Economy Robin McDermott and Rob Williams
  • Editorial: “Time to Cast Off and Dream Anew” Ian Baldwin
  • Letter to the Editor
  • An Interview with Anthony Pollina Ron Miller
  • Notes from the Middlebury Institute: “If Kosovo, Why Not Vermont?” Kirkpatrick Sale
  • Free Vermont Media: “The Shell Game and Other Errata From the Empire” Jim Hogue
  • Localvore Living: “In The Face of ‘Agflation,’ Grow Your Own Food” Robin McDermott
  • LocalWear: A Journey Into the Human Experience Jeff Bickart
  • Vermont Vox Populi: “Re-Inhabiting Vermont’s Commons in a Post-Oil Future” – an interview with Ben Falk Rob Williams
  • The Greenneck: “Stimulating Shopping in the Green Mountains”
  • Vermont Libre: “The Obama Effect” Thomas Naylor
  • Dispersions: “You Know Your Empire is Collapsing When…” – Part II Kirkpatrick Sale
View Issue Articles Online: Issue 23 - Spring 2008, Archives
Issue Highlights:
  • Scale And Violence: Secession and the Third American Revolution - Donald Livingston
  • Editorial: “Beyond Our Independence Daze” Rob Williams
  • Letter to the Editor
  • An Interview with Gaye Symington - Ron Miller
  • Notes from the Middlebury Institute: “Secession—Not Just a Thing of the Past” Kelly Janis
  • Vermont Vox Populi: “Shout it Out with Green Mountain Teenagers”—Interview with Filmmaker Bess O’Brien Rob Williams
  • Free Vermont Media: “Beyond Left and Right—An Introduction to Decentralism” John McClaughry
  • The Greenneck: “What Independence Day?”
  • LocalWear: Clothing the Human Experience Jeff Bickart
  • LocalVore Living: “Waste Not, Want Not” Robin McDermott
  • Dispersions: “Beyond Capitalism and Socialism” Kirkpatrick Sale
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Issue Highlights:
  • Exponential Money in a Finite World Chris Martenson
  • Editorial: On Becoming Sovereign – Not ‘More’ Sovereign Ian Baldwin 3 Letters to the Editor
  • Vermont Vox Populi: Our Environment and Our Food – Excerpts from the Summer 2008 Gubernatorial Debate
  • Notes from the Middlebury Institute: Why Secession Is A Tough Sell In Vermont And Beyond Thomas Naylor
  • The Vermont Sustainable Heating Initiative Ron Miller
  • The Case for Local Wheat and Bread in Vermont Erik Andrus
  • LocalVore Living: How to Isolate Vermont from Skyrocketing Food Costs Robin McDermott
  • Free Vermont Media: Transition Towns: Using Our Heads, Hearts, and Hands in a Post-Peak Oil Vermont George Lisi
  • The Greenneck: Splitting Firewood: Musings on Survival in a 21st Century Vermont
  • Dispersions: Sixty-Eight Million Americans Can’t Be Wrong - Kirkpatrick Sale
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Issue Highlights:
  • The Greatest Looting Operation in History Chris Martenson
  • Editorial—V for Vermont: Vanishing the U.S. Empire, Visualizing the Vermont Republic Rob Williams
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Vermont’s Vulnerable Election System Gary Beckwith
  • Vermont Vox Populi—Moving Toward a Solar and Biomass Heating Economy Gaelan Brown
  • Sense Beyond the Dollar: A Primer on Local Currencies Amy Kirschner
  • LocalVore Living—What the Tomatoes Tell Us About Growing Locally Robin McDermott
  • Notes from the Middlebury Institute—Why Secession Is A Tough Sell, Part II Thomas Naylor
  • Free Vermont Media—Honing The Argument for Vermont Independence Bill McKibben
  • The Greenneck: Musings on the Meltdown
  • Dispersions—Push-Pull: The Third North American Secession Convention Kirkpatrick Sale
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Issue Highlights:
  • Why I Support A Second Vermont Republic Ian Baldwin
  • Editorial—Vermont Independence: Yes We Can! Rob Williams
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Free Vermont Media—Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine, Obama, and the U.S. Empire Carolyn Baker
  • LocalVore Living—Peasant Secrets to Eating Like a Pharoah Robin McDermott
  • NOFA Vermont’s Winter 2009 Conference Meg Klepack
  • Education by Design—Toward Educational Freedom Ron Miller
  • Vermont’s Energy Future: The Choice is Ours Richard Foley
  • Homestead Security—Wood Heat: Drying It Ben Falk
  • Movement Within Movements—Seeding Our Vermont Food Movement Cheryl King Fischer
  • Vermont Vox Populi—Secessionist Sensibilities: Interview with Frank Bryan Alyssa Jean Findlay
  • Transition Times—‘Transition Towns’ Generate Enthusiasm Carl Etnier
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Issue Highlights:
  • Vermonters In An Independent Republic Would Pay Lower Taxes Hans Ohanian
  • Editorial—No Apologies: Retooling Vermont for Revolutionary Times Rob Williams
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Free Vermont Media—Economics vs. History (Planet Finance vs. Planet Earth) Woody Tasch
  • Vermont Vox Populi—Humanizing and Relocalizing Commerce; the Vermont Sustainable Exchange Carolyn Fox
  • Defunding Empire: Join S.E.C.E.D.E. “H.D. Thoreau”
  • Localvore Living—A Solution to Plummeting Milk Prices Robin McDermott
  • Education by Design—Decentralizing Educational Authority Ron Miller
  • Transition Times—Making It Up As We Go Along Carl Etnier
  • Homestead Security—Re-Skilling and Re-Tooling for Transition Times Ahead Ben Falk
  • Bursting Our Bubbles: The Theft of Our Common Wealth (Are Vermonters Already on Their Own?) Jim Hogue
  • The Greenneck—A Careful Consideration of the U.S. Economic Crisis
  • Ignite Democracy: Take Charge of Your Communications Future Lauren-Glenn Davitian
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Issue Highlights:
  • What Will You Eat if Vermont Secedes? Amy Shollenberger
  • Editorial—No Stopping. No Standing Gaelan Brown
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Localvore Living—Food Safety Regulations: One Size Does Not Fit All Robin McDermott
  • Secession Is In Our Bones Chellis Glendinning
  • Free Vermont Media—Collapse and Transformation Ron Miller
  • Transition Times—How Fast Can We Inspire Each Other for the Great Re-skilling? Carl Etnier
  • Building Inner Resilience for ‘The Long Emergency’ Lisa Nash
  • Vermont Vox Populi—Re-Awakening to Our Herbal Environment: Interview with Annie McCleary Kayleigh Blanchette
  • Homestead Security—Cultivating Sustainability Ben Falk
  • Spending Time: A New Approach Joanna Dillon and Monica Kimball
  • Education By Design—Separation of School and (Corporate) State Ron Miller
  • The Greenneck—Gratitude Amidst the Frenzy
  • Dispersions—Obama & Co. Really Messed Up Kirkpatrick Sale
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Issue Highlights:
  • Leaving The Empire: In Defense of Vermont Independence Keith Brunner
  • Editorial: Minting New Vermont Patriots Rick Foley
  • Leaving the Big Top: What Circus Smirkus Teaches Us About Secession Bill Morancy
  • Vermont: The First Populist Republic Adam Kuzminski
  • Transition Times: White River Junction Makes Change Fun Carl Etnier
  • Localvore Living: Goodbye to Rural Vermont’s Exceptional Leader, Amy Shollenberger Robin McDermott
  • Vermont Vox Populi: Crossing The Rubicon with Michael Ruppert Carolyn Baker
  • Free Vermont Media: What Are Young Farmers Reading This Summer? Tyler Wilkinson-Ray
  • Education By Design: A Holistic Perspective on Education Ron Miller
  • Homestead Security: Regeneratively Reclaiming Vermont’s Unused Lands Ben Falk
  • Crafting a New Praxis: Excoriating Technology For the Sake of the Natural Frank Joseph Smecker
  • Vermont Libre: Vermont’s Patriots: Alternative to Empire Thomas Naylor
  • Dispersions: Is Secession Talk Sign of a Human-Scale Alternative? Kirkpatrick Sale
View Issue Articles Online: Issue 30 - Summer 2009, Archives
Issue Highlights:
  • Beyond Red and Blue: State Sovereignty Movement Ignites a Wildfire Harold Thomas
  • Editorial—The Great Re-Skilling Rob Williams
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Rebuilding Place: The Value and Traditions of Country Stores Dennis Báthory-Kitsz
  • Localvore Living—The Growing Grandeur of a Statehouse Garden Robin McDermott
  • Vermont and Cuba: An Unlikely and Unique Relationship Jared Carter
  • Free Vermont Media—Skulk-ing About 9/11: Fighting Fiction with Fiction Mark Estrin
  • The Greenneck—On Rain, Pain, and Gaming the System
  • Vermont Vox Populi—Beyond Facebook: Chittenden County’s Electronic “Front Porch Forum” Rob Williams
  • Homestead Security—Soil to Oil and Back: Rapid Topsoil Formation in the Solar Age Ben Falk
  • Education By Design—“Race to the Top,” or “Something Closer to the Heart?” Ron Miller
  • Transition Times—Keeping Current with Vermont Transitions Carl Etnier
  • Vermont Libre—Wanted: Vermont Patriots to Run for the State House Thomas Naylor
  • Dispersions—Don’t Tread on Me: The State Sovereignty Movement Kirkpatrick Sale
View Issue Articles Online: Issue 31 - Autumn 2009, Archives
Issue Highlights:
  • Secession, Vermont Style: The Green Mountains and Dixie—Contrasting Voices for Independence Ron Miller
  • How Vermont Can Abolish Usury and Promote a Sustainable Economy Adrian Kuzminski
  • Editorial—Beyond Barack’s Bamboozling: Obama Fizzles, Vermonters Look Anew At Independence Rob Williams
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Why Vermont’s Future Needs Robust Bioenergy Capacity Ralph Meima
  • Vermont Vox Populi—“If You Don’t Try To Change Things”: Interview with 2008 A.G. Candidate Charlotte Dennett - Kayleigh Blanchette
  • The Greenneck —When The Doing Is Its Own Reward
  • Localvore Living—Local Bread Breakthrough for the Fall Localvore Challenge Robin McDermott
  • Greed, Fear, and a VT Alternative: The National Healthcare ‘Debate’ Thomas Naylor
  • Transition Times—Building A Transition Toolkit Carl Etnier
  • Free Vermont Media—Thomas Greco’s The End of Money and the Future of Civilization : A Book Review by Richard Cook
  • Bursting Our Bubbles II: or Topsy-Turvy Jim Hogue
  • Homestead Security—Soil to Oil and Back II: Harvesting Value From Your Leachfield Ben Falk
  • Dispersions—How To Get An Independent Vermont, Starting NOW Kirkpatrick Sale
View Issue Articles Online: Issue 32 - Stick Season/Holidays 2009, Archives
Issue Highlights:
  • Vermont’s Common Assets: From Banana Republic to Sovereign Commonwealth Gary Flomenhoft
  • Vermont’s Pathway Toward Economic Independence, Part II Adrian Kuzminski
  • Editorial—Be There (January 15) Ian Baldwin
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Vermont’s Genetic Code: Toward a Decentralist Manifesto Frank Bryan
  • Localvore Living—Fermenting Independence: Ancient Food-Preservation Technique Makes a Comeback Robin McDermott
  • Transition Times—Indiana Transition Plan Sets Bar For VT Efforts Carl Etnier
  • Crosslots—“I Pledge Allegiance. . . Sort of” Will Lindner
  • Vermont Vox Populi—Interview with 1% For The Planet Executive Director Terry Kellogg Rob Williams
  • Energy Optimist—Energy Crisis, Energy Independence Gaelan Brown
  • The Greenneck—In Winter
  • Free Vermont Media—Collapse, The Movie: Staring Down the Barrel of the 21st Century Carolyn Baker
  • Homestead Security—Soil to Oil and Back III: Protecting and Making Soil Ben Falk
  • Dispersions—Why No Uprising Yet? Kirkpatrick Sale
  • Vermont Commonwealth 21st Century Statement of Principles
View Issue Articles Online: Issue 33 - Winter 2010, Archives
Issue Highlights:
  • SEXession: Where are the Women? Chellis Glendinning
  • Message in a Bottle: Vermont Groundwater A Public Resource Gary Flomenhoft
  • Guest Editorial—The Senate: Seven So Far, and Counting Dennis Morrisseau
  • Letters to the Editor
  • ENVY’able Alternatives: Electrifying Vermont Without Relicensing Yankee Sucosh Norton
  • Transition Times—Village-building Convergence Returns Montpelier to its Roots Carl Etnier
  • Localvore Living—Crunchy Winter Salads With Fewer Food Miles Robin McDermott
  • Behind Bars, For Profit: Should Vermont Continue to Privatize Prison Care? Anne Galloway
  • Energy Optimist—Why The Conflict Between Sovereignty and Renewable Energy? Gaelan Brown
  • The Greenneck—Disconnection Meditation
  • Homestead Security—Adaptive Design for Climate (and other) Changes Ben Falk
  • Crosslots—Little House in South Burlington Will Lindner
  • Vermont Libre—350.org: Copenhagen or Bust Thomas H. Naylor
  • Free Vermont Media—Censored in 2010: The Most Important Underreported New Stories of This Year Stephen Lendman
  • Dispersions—Secession Is In The Air Kirkpatrick Sale
View Issue Articles Online: Issue 34 - Mud Season 2010, Archives
Issue Highlights:
  • Scratching The Surface: Collecting Rent on Vermont’s Publicly Owned Surface Water Elliot Wilkinson-Ray
  • Secession, Not Aggression: Why Progressives and Liberals Should Consider Vermont Independence T. Keith Preston
  • Guest Editorial: The Buck Stops Here—Slow Me The Money, Vermont Woody Tasch
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Homestead Security: When The Ecofads Fade—Ditch the Carbon-Footprint Calculator and Pick Up a Shovel Ben Falk
  • Free Vermont Media: The Way Of All Empires—The U.S. On the Cusp of Peak Oil Ian Baldwin
  • Localvore Living: Can Vermont Have Too Many Farmers? Robin McDermott
  • Energy Optimist: Vermont’s Energy Future—The Role for Solar Power Gaelan Brown
  • Vermont’s Town Forest Health Check: Harvesting Wood, Promoting the Commons, Ensuring Sustainability Alexandra Murphy
  • The Greenneck: Spring Musings
  • Secession Briefs: For Independence, The Court Stops Short Jonathan Stevens
  • Vermont Vox Populi: ‘On Call’ For Collapse Carolyn Baker
  • Transition Times: Planning For the Long Emergency Carl Etnier
  • Dispersions: Much Ado About Something Kirkpatrick Sale
View Issue Articles Online: Archives, Issue 35 - Spring 2010
Issue Highlights:
  • Imagine Free Vermont, The Switzerland of North America Thomas Naylor
  • Voices of Independence Emerge In Vermont Politics Will Lindner
  • Editorial: The Not-So-Dire Implications Of Collapse Ian Baldwin
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Beating Wall Street: How To Recover Vermont’s Monetary Commons (Part 1) Gary Flomenhoft
  • The Greenneck: Reckoning With Deepwater Horizon’s “Junk Shot”
  • Homestead Security: Forget Peak Oil, Climate Change, Collapse—The Chemicals Are Killing Us Ben Falk
  • Transition Times: Vermont On Track To Be First Transition State Carl Etnier
  • Vermont Vox Populi: The Politics & Practice of Sustainable Living—Interview With Chelsea Green Publisher Margo Baldwin -Rob Williams
  • Localvore Living: Old World Ways vs. Modern Technology Robin McDermott
  • Energy Optimist: A FIT For Energy Independence Gaelan Brown
  • Secession Briefs: Nullification Jonathan Stevens
  • Free Vermont Media: ‘Mixed Nuts’—Aren’t We All? James Hogue
  • Green Mountain Music: Nocturnals Emission – Grace Potter’s Sexy New CD Rob Williams
View Issue Articles Online: Archives, Issue 36 - Summer 2010
Issue Highlights:
  • Most Likely To Secede: U.S. Empire and Vermont Secession Rob Williams
  • Vermont Independence Candidates Gaining Traction Will Lindner
  • Editorial: Six-Day Vermont Road Trip Brings a Blast of Hope Rob Williams
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Free Vermont Media: Contemplating Cultural Change in the Face of Climate Change—Book Reviews Ron Miller
  • How To Recover Vermont’s Monetary Commons—Who Creates Money? And Who Ought To? Gary Flomenhoft
  • Energy Optimist: Shred, Don’t Dread—Combustion-Free Heat for Vermont Gaelan Brown
  • Transition Times: Original UK Transition Town Sees 40-Percent Participation Carl Etnier
  • Homestead Security: It’s the Chemicals that are Killing Us—Five All-Star Food Medicines Ben Falk
  • Localvore Living: Expanding the Localvore Circle in Vermont Robin McDermott
  • Vermont Vox Populi: Broadcasting Media for Democracy—Interview with CCTV’s Lauren-Glenn Davitian Rob Williams
  • The Greenneck: Sitting by the Sugarhouse
  • Dispersions: Walking the Talk? What They’re Saying About Secession Kirkpatrick Sale
View Issue Articles Online: Archives, Issue 37 - Autumn 2010
Issue Highlights:
  • Bye Bye Miss American Empire—Introduction Bill Kauffman
  • Empire, Secession, Citizen Journalism, and Media Democracy Rob Williams
  • Editorial: Come Back, Vermont Ian Baldwin
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Vermont Vox Populi: Interview with ‘Steele For Governor’ Campaign Manager Matthew Cropp Rob Williams
  • Homestead Security: Hedging Your Bets—Asset Allocation in a Post-Peak Oil World Ben Falk
  • Free Vermont Media: Neighborhood Patriots, Backcountry Rebels and their Crusade to Redraw America’s Political Map—book review Ron Miller
  • The Greenneck: The November of Our Nation
  • Localvore Living: Eating Locally in Winter Robin McDermott
  • Energy Optimist: A Wood-Fired Energy-Independence Plan for Vermont Gaelan Brown
  • Vermont’s Emerging ‘Spectrum Commons’ William Murray
  • Secession Briefs: Independence and the Legal Landscape Jonathan Stevens
  • Crosslots: To Bail or Not To Bail? Will Lindner
  • Transition Times: Local Heat, Beyond the Wood Stove Carl Etnier
  • Dispersions: Getting Back to the ‘Real’ Constitution? Fahgettaboudit Kirkpatrick Sale
View Issue Articles Online: Archives, Issue 38 - Holidays 2010
Issue Highlights:
  • The Empire’s New Clothes: Obama, War, and the Moral Case for Vermont Independence Christopher Ketcham
  • Why Vermont Should Say NO to the F-35 Juliet Buck
  • Editorial: Taking Stock of Vermont Independence Gary Flomenhoft
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Vermont Vox Populi: Interview with the Big Picture Theater’s Claudia Becker Rob Williams
  • The Vermont Council of Censors: An Idea Whose Time Has Returned
  • Rick Scharf and Rick Foley
  • Bye Bye Miss American Empire: Introduction Part Deux Bill Kauffman
  • Secession Briefs: We’ll All Be Safer When You’re Naked Jonathan Stevens
  • Free Vermont Media: U.S. News Media Checking In at the ICU Taylor M. Silvestri
  • Transition Times: Putney Zips Toward Resilience Carl Etnier
  • Media In The Hands of the People: Alive and Well in Vermont’s 2010 Elections Lauren-Glenn Davitian
  • The Greenneck: This Is My Time (Winter Musings)
  • Energy Optimist: Wanted—A Holistic Perspective on Vermont Energy Gaelan Brown
  • Localvore Living: Books For Cooks Robin McDermott
  • Tips on Roasting Winter Vegetables from cookbook author Andrea Chesman
  • Sex’cession: Are You Turned Off? Carissa Stimpfel
  • Perhaps Collapse: The Hopelessness of Hoarding Jasmine Lamb
  • Dispersions: On John Randolph and “Secession—A Right Undeniable” Kirkpatrick Sale
View Issue Articles Online: Archives, Issue 39 - Winter 2011
Issue Highlights:
  • Burlington Kisses Lockheed?
  • Just Say No Jonathan Leavitt
  • Vermont Food Sovereignty, And a Resolution to Protect It Robert Wagner
  • Editorial: The Knave and his Interlocutor Talk About Vermont’s Future Ian Baldwin
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Vermont Vox Populi: Human Rights for Human Beings—Interview with Move To Amend’s David Cobb Gaelan Brown
  • Localvore Living: Putting the CSA Model to the Test Robin McDermott
  • Secession Briefs: Corporations and Vermont’s Commons—What A Tangled Web We Weave Jonathan Stevens
  • Homestead Security: Intending To Stay—Toward A Tree-Crop Culture Ben Falk
  • The Greenneck: Irrational Exuberance? Mud Season Musings
  • Energy Optimist: Group Net Metering in Vermont Gaelan Brown
  • Radical Sahm: Bedtime Stories—Reflections On Our Response to the Arizona Shootings Juliet Buck
  • Free Vermont Media: Ban The (Latest) Bomb—Film Review of Full Signal Chellis Glendenning
  • Bye Bye Miss American Empire: Secessionists of all Stripes Bill Kauffman
  • Transition Times: From Action to Planning in Vermont Carl Etnier
  • Media By The People: When Connection Leads to Disconnection Lauren-Glenn Davitian
  • Perhaps Collapse: I Killed a Disabled Chicken Jasmine Lamb
  • Dispersions: The Sesquicentennial Is Upon Us Kirkpatrick Sale
View Issue Articles Online: Archives, Issue 40 - Mud Season 2011
Issue Highlights:
  • The Nuclear Reality: Facing It Squarely Ben Falk
  • Sovereignty and the Money Problem: A New Beginning Charles Eisenstein
  • Editorial: Women, War, and Vermont Independence Robin Lloyd
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Vermont Libre: Vermont Progressives Morph Into Pro-War Party Thomas Naylor
  • Energy Optimist: How Many Wakeup Calls Do You Need? Gaelan Brown
  • Bye Bye Miss American Empire: Where Wisdom Lies—Home and Homefolks Bill Kauffman
  • Who Owns Vermont’s Rocks? Ian Raphael
  • Transition Times: Pecha Kucha Keeps Transition Ideas Snappy Carl Etnier
  • Radical Sahm: Red Herrings—Swallowing the Lies Juliet Buck
  • Media By The People: Standing Before the Wave—Community Resilience a Path to Our Future Lauren-Glenn Davitian
  • Sex’cession: To Baby or Not to Baby—Just Whose Issue Is It? Carissa Stimpfel
  • Vermont Vox Populi: Green Blooded—Interview with Vermont filmmakers Teo Erik Zagar and Christopher Piana Rob Williams
  • Secession Briefs: Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment Jonathan Stevens
  • Education by Design: Real World Learning—A Challenge to Standardized Education Ron Miller
  • Perhaps Collapse: I Have Something to Say Jasmine Lamb
  • The Greenneck: Spring Thaw
  • Free Vermont Media: Remembering Independence—book review Jim Hogue
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Issue Highlights:

The very first issues of Vermont Commons are attached here in PDF format.

View Issue Articles Online: Issue 0 - 2004 - In The Beginning, Archives
Issue Highlights:
  • A Scorpion by Any Other Name: The Military/Industrial Complex in Vermont Peggy Luhr
  • 9/11: Ten Years In Marc Estrin
  • Editorial: Vermont Independence—Open Sourcing the Green Mountain Revolution - Rob Williams
  • Media By The People: Digital Media at the Crossroads—Interview with Jeff Chester, Center for Digital Democracy Lauren-Glenn Davitian
  • The End of the Imperial Economy: Book Review Essay Ron Miller
  • Fukushima: “There Will Not Be a Second Chance” Shimpei Murakami
  • Radical SAHM: Who You Callin’ A Terrorist? Juliet Buck
  • Bye Bye Miss American Empire: Long Live the Second Vermont Republic! Bill Kauffman
  • Local Democracy and the State: Vermont Myths and Realities Greg Guma
  • Free Vermont Media: The ‘Wealth’ That’s All Around Us—A Review of Creating Wealth, Growing Local Economies with Local Currencies Jim Hogue
  • Vermont Vox Populi: Rethinking the “American Dream” of Home Ownership, with Home Share Now - Rob Williams
  • Energy Optimist: Climate Change, Sustainability, And…War? Gaelan Brown
  • Secession Briefs: The Name Game—Vermont Independence and Gender Equality Jonathan Stevens
  • Transition Times: Looking at Transition from the Outside Carl Etnier
  • The Greenneck: Fall of Empire, A Time For Renewal
  • Perhaps Collapse: Do Nothing Jasmine Lamb
  • Dispersions: Back to School in the U.S. of Empire—The Failure of the American Academy Kirkpatrick Sale
View Issue Articles Online: Archives, Issue 43 - Fall 2011