Sovereignty. Raise it from the floor. Do it.

Tue, 11/19/2013 - 1:11pm

Two events occurred recently that high-light the importance of presenting statistics when advocating for policy change . One was a presentation by Dr. Gus Speth and the other was the press conference held by Anthony Pollina, Gwen Hallsmith, and Gary Flomenhoft (of  the Gund Institute). We cannot move forward in any of our efforts unless the numbers make sense, and unless we keep reminding people of the overwhelming and obvious benefits that the numbers portend should we establish a public bank and become an independent state.

VTCommons has done the work of presenting the numbers regarding sovereignty  over the years, and many people are now doing it regarding a state bank. This is just an update to you on our progress regarding a state/public bank keeping our failures and the tough road ahead in mind.

Financial sovereignty is what this is about. We have a majority of supporters in the House and won 6-0 and 5-0 on Pollina's  state bank study bill in two Senate committees. We got Beth Pearce to show her stripes.  She is openly, thanks to us, working against this bill. A state bank means sovereign money. Gwen Hallsmith is getting attacked and possibly fired for sticking her neck out for this. This is for real guys and gals.

To get up to speed on this issue, I recommend reading my papers at www.vtcommons.org which can be found here, here, and here. I also recommend Gary Murphy's www.vtpublicbank.com. It is a fantastic site.

Some seem to want to pretend that this movement towards Public Banking isn't happening but it is and it must, regardless of the resistance from nanny statists obediently doing the bidding of the puppet master Goldman Sachs et al. Let's see what we can do to free ourselves from that mafia.

Rick Foley’s chapter in the book “Most Likely To Secede” (posted here on VTCommons) illustrates how VT could be energy self-sufficient via its own existing hydro  power. In this recent study, Gary Flomenhoft showed how every Vermonter could receive a dividend from the state if VT managed its finances sensibly via a state bank.

Political secession is impossible until it isn’t. Let's keep making compost, building soil, protecting our water, growing hemp, constructing sensible homes, building food sovereignty, creating partnerships with small banks and credit unions, and exposing that truth about the banksters. With this in place, VT can reach terminal velocity and officially, legally break free from an Empire in free fall.

As I said many years ago in VT Commons: The powers that be seceded from the states and the constitution and the rule of law a long time ago. We are now nothing but well entertained cash cows and cannon fodder. The car to take us to independence has been kept on cinderblocks in the back yard but many of us are doing all we can to put wheels on it and get it rolling. Let's see what we've got here, and party, and move forward.

I wrote the resolution that passed unanimously in Calais:

"The right to save seeds shall not be abridged."

You could all do that in your towns. That's sovereignty.  Raise it from the floor. Do it.