Burlington- Filling Contois Auditorium beyond capacity and spilling into its outer chambers, an enormous crowd packed the Burlington City Council meeting on Monday night in eager anticipation of last ditch arguments over the basing of the controversial F-35 Joint Strike Fighter at Burlington International Airport. Voting 10-4 to reject a measure that would have barred BTV from accepting...


I was driving back from Amherst, Ma and stopped somewhere around Windsor, VT and noticed a headline in the Rutland Herald that said, “State Catches Heat for Yankee closing”.

The article could just have easily come from the Times Argus

“Angry Vernon residents blamed the state of Vermont Monday for the looming shutdown of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, two Vermont House committees were told…More than one Yankee employee said they didn’t want to leave Vermont, and they didn’t know where they...


Nearly 500 people marched into the Burlington, Vt., City Council meeting on October 28 to testify for or against the basing of the boondoggle F-35 warplane at Burlington International Airport.

The City Council planned to hear testimony before voting on two resolutions initiated by the Stop the F-35 Coalition that would bar the plane. One would have banned the plane outright--the other would have imposed noise and crash rate regulations that would have effectively kept the plane out as well.

The movement against the warplane had reached such a critical mass that just two weeks ago, activists were optimistic they would actually win. But Vermont's political...


Image by Dylan Kelley for Vermont Commons 

The latest high-ranking Vermont Democrat to push for prime military pork in her state is Burlington city attorney Eileen Blackwood, who released a slippery legal memo October 17th that is as cleverly political as it is narrowly legal, leading to widespread, obtuse media coverage along the lines of Vermont Public Radio's simply false headline: "City Report: Burlington Can't Block F-35."

Blackwood's "preliminary...




1. All new fighters have high accident rates, much higher than mature fighters and much, much higher than scheduled airliners.

2. Basing a new fighter with significantly less than 1 million fleet hours of safety experience in an urban area is likely to expose the residents to accident probabilities that are irresponsibly high.




“If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to be afraid of.”

-Google’s Eric Schmidt

I killed my TeeVee when I went to college in 1985. Stopped watching. Cold turkey. An active watcher all my young life, I grew up and decided that television was too corporate, too commercial, and too invasive. University life, with its infinite distractions, intellectual and otherwise, proved much more compelling. I continued my television-free life into my twenties, and found I didn’t miss the screen a bit. The “boob tube’s” critics, meanwhile, savaged the...


by James Marc Leas

When Burlington City Attorney Eileen Blackwood issued a legal opinion on the resolution to bar basing of F-35 warplanes at Burlington Airport, the Mayor of Burlington, Miro Weinberger, issued a punchy one-sentence statement suggesting it was a knockout blow to the resolution. The legal opinion concluded that Burlington cannot legally block the F-35.

By the very next day, however, the negative conclusion evaporated and turned into a strong positive. A 3 page response provided by Stop-the-F-35 Coalition...



Burlington- Gathering in the outer chambers of City Hall, dozens of Burlington citizens held a rally Monday night to oppose the basing of the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter at Burlington International Airport (BTV). Intended to coincide with a set of proposed City Council resolutions against the deafening and expensive aircraft, organizers of the rally made careful note of City Attorney Eileen Blackwood’s announcement that BTV doesn’t hold the right kind of insurance for the F-35, making the City vulnerable to lawsuits and forcing the opposition’s...


Prescription drug addiction has emerged as one of Vermont’s most pervasive and most hidden public health problems. Now, “The Hungry Heart,” produced by Kingdom County Productions and directed by Peacham, Vermont filmmaker Bess O’Brien, provides a powerful and intimate look at the often hidden world of prescription drug addiction in a moving documentary that bears witness to the struggles of drug addicts, their families, and the medical professionals who do their utmost to support them.

The hero of...


There is no doubt by proponents and opponents that our movement to oppose the basing of the F-35 has been very successful. Our cause has been heard throughout Vermont, in the DOD and, specifically, the Air Force and other locations throughout the US as well as in some countries around the world. The combination of events, actions and the increasing participation by the number of concerned citizens has compelled the Air Force, VTANG, our Congressional Delegation, other state and local elected officials and the Green Ribbon folks to respond to our concerns, questions and demands.

Not always getting all the headlines but...



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