"We in America are the best entertained and least informed society in the world." - Neil Postman

Two radical questions for you, dear reader. Are U.S.-based corporate media deliberately dividing the nation? What will it take to end the reign of corporate media's "junk food news"?

These two radical, " root cause" questions animate a compelling new documentary about Sonoma State University's award-winning Project Censored media research program. "Project Censored - The Movie," is an independently produced 1 hour film by...


I am kicking off the second day of the National Conference on Media Reform in Denver, Colorado by sitting in on a provocative panel discussion devoted to "exploring our post-industrial landscape and discussing the risks and opportunities it brings with it."

Arizona State University's Dan Gillmor began by briefly referencing a number of instances of social media censorship and content policing by Facebook (and other big new media companies like Apple), and pointing out that Facebook is an...


Which is the more paranoid statement?

  1. AMERICAN MEDIA: "North Korea is threatening to attack us with nuclear weapons."
  2. NORTH KOREAN MEDIA: "The United States is threatening to attack us with nuclear weapons."

Taking recent events in the U.S. and the Korean peninsula as evidence, while mostly ignoring historical context, the drift toward another American war in Asia can be seen as clearly as the ambiguous moves and countermoves of countries with no obvious motive for war might allow, producing ...

"Corporate media is no longer meeting the needs of our democracy. We have a Truth Emergency on our hands." -Peter Philips
Project Censored is in the house! With these introductory words, former Project Censored (PC) director Peter Phillips, sociology prof at Sonoma State University, kicked off the PC road show at "Tattered Cover" Bookstore here in Denver, Colorado on the eve of the 5th National Conference on Media Reform...

If you want to understand how much energy costs, don’t look at your electric bill; instead get a copy of the new book Energy: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth [4]. This massive coffeetable book contains hundreds of arresting images showing the effects of our energy choices, including oil spills, nuclear accidents, massive solar arrays, tar sands mines, fracking operations, transmission lines, and more. The photos are complemented by essays from leading...

Obama’s Secret Trade Deal
Out of public view the Obama administration is negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, a US-led free trade deal with several Pacific Rim countries. Six hundred US corporate advisers have had input, but so far the text hasn’t been shared with the public or media.
The level of secrecy is unprecedented. During discussions paramilitary teams guard the premises, helicopters loom overhead, and there’s a near-total media blackout on the subject. US Senator Ron Wyden, who chairs the congressional committee with...

What a heady 2 days in Denver. And it ain't just the altitude.

The two-part title of this year's "Journalism That Matters" conference captures both the sense of uncertainty AND excitement felt by all of the attendees here at the JTM gathering, a unique open space conference full of some of the most creative and innovative news enthusiasts and professionals in the country.

During a 48 hour period at our University of Denver host campus, we swapped stories, shared ideas, pushed the boundaries, did our fair share of blue...


Public Press Conference – New Book Release

Friday, April 12, 2013

12:30 in the Cedar Creek Room – Vermont Statehouse

In honor of Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, and to celebrate “Vermont Pursuit of Happiness” Day and the Chelsea Green distributed release of a new book entitled MOST LIKELY TO SECEDE, writers from Vermont Commons: Voices of Independence independent news journal will be holding a public press conference @ the Vermont Statehouse on Friday...


Good to hear fellow Vermonter Bill McKibben speak at the "Journalism That Matters" conference in Denver, Colorado tonight.

Over hors d'oeuvres and libations prior to his talk, Bill and I had a chance to catch up about the Red Sox, our families, Vermont independence, and the state of the world. As always, he is self-deprecating and funny and intense all at once - we joked about how the airline industry has now refused to feed its passengers while flying across the country. Salted peanuts, anyone?

In his...

In any society, some groups of people have more discretionary power over the affairs of society than do other groups. In our society, for example, factory owners have more discretionary power than factory workers, and those who write the laws have more discretionary power than individual voters do.
How much discretionary power a group exercises depends on the roles the members of the group play in society, and it also depends on how coherent the group is. An unorganized group of factory workers has very little power, while a well-organized worker's union may be...


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