Every great organization has a great bumper sticker (BS). Starting right now, we are looking for your bumper sticker ideas. Something short, pithy, and provocative related to VT COMMONS' mission. Something we can start sticking on hybrids and bio diesel vehicles all over the Green Mountain state. Something like: "What Would Ethan Do?" (And if you need me to explain this one to you, you must be a Flatlander.) Or "I Feel the Need to Secede." Or...FILL IN YOUR IDEA HERE. And we'll give away a FREE copy of our INDEPENDENCE TRILOGY DVD to the first five people who post a good BS idea here. That's a $14 value. So start posting your BS ideas. We're ready to run with 'em.
Rob's note - VTC founding member Jim Hogue of Calais passed this powerful e-mail on to me... Dovetailing nicely with our Perkins' CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN review, available in Issue #1 of our print journal. Please feel free to comment... Jim: it was you who first cued me about the book by Perkins, which has jumped onto many weeks on the bestsellers list at NYT and elsewhere: "Confessions of an EHM" He was on NOW a month ago, and I guess you cued me for that, too, come to think of it, or I got your email that Rowley would be interviewed, but didn't know that Perkins was on as well, until I surfed NOW's site at www.pbs.org/now and find that they are just now archiving all the videos of past shows, a great boon. And he followed...
Chop wood tube, Carry water [inline:1]


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