A few days ago in Stockholm I was walking by the water and was accosted by a youngish man from Ireland who shouted out my name. This is not something that happens to me often – apparently he is among that small subset of humanity that has read my book – so I took this coincidence as a sign to stop and have a conversation. 

It turned out he was in Sweden on a two-year program for boat-building, learning traditional techniques to build small boats by hand. His story inspired me in several ways. First, here was an intelligent young person is committed to work that offers no possibility of high social status or wealth. Second, he was...


Whenever the Federal Reserve wants to tweak the dials of the economy -- or pretend that it can -- it turns first to its sock puppet at The Wall Street Journal, John Hilsenrath, and "leaks" a rumor of policy change (HERE). They like to do this late on Fridays when financial markets are about to close, so that market players will have a whole weekend to ponder the Fed's actions like medieval viziers reading goat entrails.

     Last Friday's puddle...

It was a fairy tale premise: Once upon a time a charismatic prince appeared magically and gave an inspiring, instantly famous speech. Four years later he was leading the most powerful kingdom in the world from the brink of disaster. 

Believable, isn’t it? But, as Ken Silverstein revealed in Harpers long before the 2008 presidential election, by the time Barack Obama gave his keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention he “had already undergone an equally successful but much quieter audition with Democratic Party leaders and fund-raisers, without whose support he would surely...


As published in Voice of America by Julie Taboh, April 29, 2013:  

Aluminum is everywhere. From airplanes to cooking pans, this versatile, light-weight metal has been around for generations.

And its many benefits have made life easier and more convenient for millions of people. But a new documentary portrays what the filmmaker describes as the "dark side" of aluminum.

It’s in the cans we drink out of...


Our MOST LIKELY TO SECEDE book tour kicked off in fine fashion @ Shiretown Books (LINK) in Woodstock, Vermont on Saturday, April 13 with a celebration to honor of Thomas Jefferson's 270th birthday and our new book. 
2VR cake and candles included!

Thanks to everyone who came out for a provocative discussion about the nature of Vermont independence.

Special thanks to Shiretown Books for hosting our event.



Many of us who have been researching collapse for a decade or more repeatedly use the word in writing, speaking, and daily conversation, but few of us have the opportunity to define it with such precision or personal experience as one finds in Dmitry Orlov’sforthcoming book Five Stagesof Collapse: Survivors’ Toolkit(New Society Publishers, 281 pages). I first heard of Dmitry when I was writing for From The Wilderness in 2005 after FTW published “Post-...


"We in America are the best entertained and least informed society in the world." - Neil Postman

Two radical questions for you, dear reader. Are U.S.-based corporate media deliberately dividing the nation? What will it take to end the reign of corporate media's "junk food news"?

These two radical, " root cause" questions animate a compelling new documentary about Sonoma State University's award-winning Project Censored media research program. "Project Censored - The Movie," is an independently produced 1 hour film by...


By Adrian Kuzminski


Today Vermonters have no control over access to capital. Loans are available to them almost exclusively through an unfair and exploitative banking system.

Money can be borrowed for the most part only from private banks which enjoy unearned profits through their effective monopoly over lending money to Vermonters at usurious rates of interest.

As a result, most Vermonters, like most people in other states, find themselves in perpetual debt peonage. If they are able to obtain capital for personal or private investment from the...

"Corporate media is no longer meeting the needs of our democracy. We have a Truth Emergency on our hands." -Peter Philips
Project Censored is in the house! With these introductory words, former Project Censored (PC) director Peter Phillips, sociology prof at Sonoma State University, kicked off the PC road show at "Tattered Cover" Bookstore here in Denver, Colorado on the eve of the 5th National Conference on Media Reform...


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