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William Sherman Coperthwaite, September 17, 1930 - November 26, 2013
William S. Coperthwaite, architect, author, maker, visionary social critic, and homesteader, has died.  My own family has lost both our sail and our anchor, and today there are thousands of Mainers and New Englanders who grieve the same loss.
A man who inspired many thousands by his life led close to nature and in opposition to contemporary society, Mr. Coperthwaite was often compared to Henry David Thoreau. Similar...

Two events occurred recently that high-light the importance of presenting statistics when advocating for policy change . One was a presentation by Dr. Gus Speth and the other was the press conference held by Anthony Pollina, Gwen Hallsmith, and Gary Flomenhoft (of  the Gund Institute). We cannot move forward in any of our efforts unless the numbers make sense, and unless we keep reminding people of the overwhelming and obvious...


This paper is an investigation into whether or not Vermont State funds, deposited in TD Bank North, are safe. Documents and opinions from several experts were solicited and received.[1] Gary Murphy and I examined the new regulations of the FDIC in an effort to find out if the FDIC had set the stage for the confiscation of state money that was deposited in a "TBTF" (Too Big to Fail Bank).  We looked at the confiscation of deposits and pensions in Cyprus and Poland, and at the debacles in Detroit and Philadelphia.

We compared the...


I don’t think too many people are going to argue with the claim that the world is in a mess. It’s definitely a time when we need to re-vision our direction and make some course changes … if there is even time for that. The questions loom large. Where will these changes originate? And, how will they be implemented?

There are a lot of “plans” that originate from the top-down and the outside-in. That is, they are formulated by some umbrella governmental agency and work on the premise that the necessary changes will simply be legislated. This is fascism, any way you look at it. It’s the Nanny State. Such approaches assume that people...


Hands of prayer

You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, who has dealt wondrously with you.

 ~The Book of Joel~

We are the transformers of Earth. Our whole being, and the flights and falls of our love, enable us to undertake this task.

~Rainer Maria Rilke~

For the past six years I have been writing profusely about the challenges the earth community is encountering in the face of energy depletion, climate change, and burgeoning economic calamity worldwide. Throughout my exploration of these topics, I have used the...


By Vidda Crochetta

What is it about the future we seem to fear so much? Will we all end by “dining on ashes” paralyzed like lumps of coal on a fire? Will there be any free space left to sit on the ground “and tell sad stories of the death of kings?”

We have to start somewhere.
Yet, the time is at hand and we do not have what it takes to coalesce our minds and spirit into a reckoning force that cannot be ignored.
But the night is young. In the darkest hours only those who are the bravest will rush in “where angels fear to tread.” Let’s hope...

Our MOST LIKELY TO SECEDE book tour kicked off in fine fashion @ Shiretown Books (LINK) in Woodstock, Vermont on Saturday, April 13 with a celebration to honor of Thomas Jefferson's 270th birthday and our new book. 
2VR cake and candles included!

Thanks to everyone who came out for a provocative discussion about the nature of Vermont independence.

Special thanks to Shiretown Books for hosting our event.



Many of us who have been researching collapse for a decade or more repeatedly use the word in writing, speaking, and daily conversation, but few of us have the opportunity to define it with such precision or personal experience as one finds in Dmitry Orlov’sforthcoming book Five Stagesof Collapse: Survivors’ Toolkit(New Society Publishers, 281 pages). I first heard of Dmitry when I was writing for From The Wilderness in 2005 after FTW published “Post-...


What a heady 2 days in Denver. And it ain't just the altitude.

The two-part title of this year's "Journalism That Matters" conference captures both the sense of uncertainty AND excitement felt by all of the attendees here at the JTM gathering, a unique open space conference full of some of the most creative and innovative news enthusiasts and professionals in the country.

During a 48 hour period at our University of Denver host campus, we swapped stories, shared ideas, pushed the boundaries, did our fair share of blue...



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